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Warranty Policy

Wesellac.com will back up 100% of all warranties as to parts which are offered by the manufacturer. Wesellac.com offers only nationally known and established brands that provide a nationwide parts distribution network. Most air conditioning contractors are authorized by these manufacturers to service these units and obtain free of charge replacement parts for the term of your warranties. Accordingly, make sure you review and are familiar with the terms, language, and/or requirements for any applicable manufacturer's warranty.

If any product purchased from Wesellac.com should result in failure upon installation or not operate after installation, we are only responsible for supplying the parts warranted by the manufacturer. Under no circumstances will either refrigerant R22 or R410A be covered or reimbursed if refrigerant needs to be re-added to the system; whether it is missing from the unit when it arrives to the customer's location or after a part is replaced. Under no circumstances will wesellac.com replace a whole system or component. wesellac.com does not provide any warranty above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty as to parts. wesellac.com is not liable for any warranties, or costs - and/or expenses incurred by the consumer due to a malfunction of any part (s), for any product sold on our site. wesellac.com does not provide labor warranties or compensation of any kind for any costs incurred by the consumer due to malfunction of any part (s) for any products sold on our site.

The products sold on our site are intended by the manufacturers to be installed by professional heating and air conditioning contractors. They are available to you on this site as a means of saving a substantial amount of money. We know the advantage of self-installation, as well as any disadvantages, and it's your decision to purchase from us and install on your own. Any person or entity that decides on self-installation is responsible for and accepts all risk of both installation and equipment selection. Any applicable manufacturer's warranty will be void if the installation is not completed by a licensed contractor. Having these systems installed by a licensed contractor is more costly, but it has its advantages - professional installation, labor warranty may be provided by the contractor, the validation of your manufacturer's warranty, and potentially someone to process warranty claims for you. (For safety reasons, do not install a furnace yourself unless you are qualified to do so.)

Most of the manufacturers of these products sold on our site have no provisions to provide warranty replacement parts or technical support to the homeowner. They only work through dealers, such as your local heating and air conditioning contractors.

Note: Please understand that our staff does not provide any troubleshooting or diagnosing of problems for any product. A licensed HVAC (Air Conditioning & Heating) technician needs to troubleshoot, diagnose - and/or pinpoint the exact problem and replacement part before a warranty claim can be requested. Refer to applicable manufacturer's website for an up-to-date parts manual

Warranty Options:

Advanced Warranty Option:

-We ship the replacement Warranty part to you first, before receiving the defective part. You have 30 days to send us the defective part back, from the date on which the replacement warranty part is shipped to you and you must include the original installation invoice (which reflects the model numbers, serial numbers, and installation date, in a company letter head. For a sample click here) and a diagnostic report (which reflects the model numbers, serial numbers, and part needed for replacement with part number, and date the defective part was found, in a company letter head. For a sample click here). A credit card payment for the new part is required to insure that Wesellac.com receives the defective part back, if not received within the allocated time period; it is considered a part purchase not a warranty claim.

Standard Warranty Option:

- We will ship you the replacement warranty part, after we have received your defective part. There are applicable shipping fees if not within the 30 days of purchase.

What to expect

Once our warranty department receives the warranty form detailing the information needed, it will be assigned to an agent at which time they will contact you back within a 24 business hour period. We carry hundreds of warranty parts in stock and turnaround times are very quick. Should a part need to be ordered from our vendors our warranty department will provide an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for your part via email. Once the part(s) arrive to our facilities we will in turn prepare the needed paperwork and contact you via email regarding your parts arrival.

Note: Wesellac.com does not provide labor warranty /labor reimbursement or compensation of any kind for any costs incurred by the consumer due to malfunction of any part(s) for any products sold on our site whether it is the original installation occurring and/or a part has failed after a system has been functioning for any said period of time.

Under no circumstances will Wesellac.com replace a whole system or component.

Call now toll free 1-888-245-67101-888-245-6710
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