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2.5 Ton 15 Seer York Heat Pump System - YHJF30S41S1 - AHE36C3XH21 - S11TVM4G1

2.5 Ton 15 Seer York Heat Pump System - YHJF30S41S1 - AHE36C3XH21 - S11TVM4G12.5 Ton 15 Seer York Heat Pump System - YHJF30S41S1 - AHE36C3XH21 - S11TVM4G1

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The York YHJF 15 SEER Series Heat Pump is the outdoor part of a versatile climate system. It is designed with a matching indoor coil component from Johnson Controls Unitary Products. Available for typical applications this climate system is supported with accessories and documents to serve specific functions.

Standard Features:

  • Quality Condenser Coils - The coil is constructed of copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins for increased efficiency and corrosion protection.
  • Protected Compressor - The complete scroll compressor line is internally protected against high pressure, temperature, and externally by a factory installed high pressure switch. This is accomplished by the simultaneous operation of high pressure relief valve and a temperature sensor which protects the compressor if undesirable operating conditions occur. A liquid line filter-drier further protects the compressor.
  • Durable Finish - The cabinet is made of pre-painted steel. The pre-treated galvanized steel provides a better paint to steel bond, which resists corrosion and rust creep. Special primer formulas and matted-textured finish insure less fading when exposed to sunlight.
  • Lower Installed Cost - Installation time and costs are reduced by easy power and control wiring connections. Available in sweat connect models only. The unit contains enough refrigerant for matching indoor coils and 15 feet of interconnecting piping. The small base dimension means less space is required on the ground or roof.
  • Top Discharge - The warm air from the top mounted fan is blown up away from the structure and any landscaping. This allows compact location on multi-unit applications.
  • Swept Fan Blade Sound Jacket - The upward air flow carries the normal operating noise away from the living area. The rigid top panel effectively isolates any motor sound. Isolator mounted compressor and the rippled fins of the condenser coil muffle the normal fan motor and compressor operating sounds. The swept wing fan blade and compressor sound jacket futher reduce noise levels.
  • Low Maintenance - Long life permanently lubricated motorbearings need no annual servicing.

    The York AHE Series Air Handler line offers the ultimate in application flexibility. The AHE (high efficiency motor) models can only be ordered as multi-position. These multi-position model can be installed in downflow, upflow, horizontal right or left except AHX60 two piece model, which is ordered as upflow or horizontal right unit and has to be disengaged, repositioned and reassembled for horizontal left or downflow applications. All UPG air handlers and coils utilize a field installed TXV to provide our customers with the optimum performance and refrigerant control required for 13 SEER split systems. All air handlers are available with “Flex-coils” without a factory installed metering device. For added flexibility, an R22 or R410A TXV can be field installed to meet your refrigerant choice.

    Standard Features:

  • Thermal Expansion Valve - Provides the ultimate refrigerant control required for today’s high efficient product. The UPG field installed bolt-on TXV provides the added flexibility to convert the air handler to the required refrigerant. The UPG TXV is a true bolt-on which does not require brazing to replace or install.
  • Insulated Cabinet - All air handler cabinets are thermally insulated with 1” foil faced insulation (R-4.2) to prevent sweating. For applications in extreme humidity conditions an optional, field installed, external insulating wrap kit is also available.
  • Factory Sealed - Achieves 2% or less total airflow leakage rate at duct blaster field test conditions for system airflow verification.
  • Durable Finish Inside and Out - Air handler casings are made of pre-painted galvanized steel which provides a better paint to steel bond that resists corrosion and rust creep. All internal coil sheet metal parts are made of G90 galvanized.
  • High Efficiency Blowers - All models use high efficiency brushless DC motors to provide cooling SEER rating enhancement.
  • 4 HK Heat Kit - Installation friendly, easy service, more robust, unique to new design.
  • Filters - All models have an internal filter rack provided except for the AHX60 which requires an external filter rack.
  • Easy Service Access - Fully exposed refrigerant connections, and a single panel covering the electrical controls make for easy servicing of the unit.
  • Secured Service Valves - Secured re-usable service valves are provided on both the liquid and vapor sweat connections for ease of evacuating and charging.
  • U.L. and C.U.L. listed - approved for outdoor application.
  • Agency Listed - U.L. and C.U.L. listed - approved for outdoor application. The unit is certified in accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment cerification program, which is based on ARI Standard 210/240.
  • Warranty



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