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Goodman All Fuel Control Board - AFE1860

Goodman All Fuel Control Board - AFE1860Goodman All Fuel Control Board - AFE1860

Price:  $ 78.21

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The Goodman AFE18-60A Control Board is designed for use in heat pump
applications where the indoor coil is located above/downstream
of a gas or fossil fuel furnace. It will operate with
single and two stage heat pumps and single and two stage

The AFE18 control will turn the heat pump unit off
when the furnace is turned on. An anti-short cycle feature
is also incorporated which initiates a 3 minute timed off
delay when the compressor goes off. On initial power up or
loss and restoration of power, this 3 minute timed off delay
will be initiated. The compressor won’t be allowed to restart
until the 3 minute off delay has expired. Also included is a
5 second de-bounce feature on the “Y, E, W1 and O”
thermostat inputs. These thermostat inputs must be present
for 5 seconds before the AFE18 control will respond to it.
An optional outdoor thermostat, OT18-60A, can be used
with the AFE18 to switch from heat pump operation to
furnace operation below a specific ambient temperature
setting, i.e. break even temperature during heating. When
used in this manner, the “Y” heat demand is switched to the
“W1” input to the furnace by the outdoor thermostat and the
furnace is used to satisfy the first stage “Y” heat demand.




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