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7/8 IN. X 50 FT

7/8 IN. X 50 FT7/8 IN. X 50 FT

Price:  $ 173.00

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Strong, corrosion-resistant copper tube is the leading choice of modern contractors for plumbing, heating and cooling installations in all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. The combination of easy handling, forming and joining permits savings in installation time, material and overall costs. Long-term performance and reliability mean fewer call backs, and that makes copper the ideal cost-effective tubing material.

There are six primary reasons for the use of copper:

1. Copper resists corrosion.
Excellent resistance to corrosion and scaling assures long, trouble-free service with copper.
2. Copper is lightweight.
Copper tube does not require the heavy thickness of ferrous or threaded pipe of the same diameter. This means copper costs less to transport, handles more easily and, when installed, takes less space.
3. Copper is flexible.
Because copper tube can be readily bent and formed, it is frequently possible to eliminate elbows and joints. Smooth bends permit the tube to follow contours and corners of almost any angle. With soft-temper tube, particularly when used for renovation and modernization projects, much less wall and ceiling space is needed.
4. Copper is durable.
Copper tube is manufactured to well-defined composition standards and marked with permanent identification so you know exactly what it is and who made it. Copper tube is accepted by virtually every plumbing code.
5. Copper is easy to join.
Copper tube can be joined with capillary fittings. These fittings save material and make smooth, neat, strong, leak-proof joints. No extra thickness or weight is necessary to compensate for material removed by threading.
6. Copper is safe.
Copper tube will not burn or support combustion and decompose to toxic gases. Therefore, it will not carry fire through floors, walls, or ceilings. Volatile organic compounds are not required for installation.




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